Invicta 8928The Invicta Men’s 8928 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch is an elegant timepiece with many different features for anyone to enjoy at a reasonable price. It is also a great choice for collectors.

People who appreciate aesthetics will love that the watch has an expensive look to it, even if in reality it is not terribly pricey. It has a beautiful, flexible and sturdy bracelet made of stainless steel accented with gold. It has a stunning unique-looking blue face with gold hands that provide a nice contrast. These contrasting colors make the numbers on the face of the watch very easy to see.

This watch keeps time very accurately and is often likened to Swiss watches by collectors for its precision. The movement device also has protections against the elements and resists shocks and water damage. The water resistance is provided for up to more than six hundred feet or two hundred meters. As such, it is a good watch to have for those who engage in extreme sports or water activities. In addition, the watch features a date display and can be timed for a number of purposes. It is easily adjusted to maintain time and date accuracy. A great thing about this watch is that it does not require a battery, so you will not ever have to go through the inconvenience of having the battery replaced. All the watch needs to be powered up is for you to move your arm once you put it on.

One of the best features about this watch is the price. It’s hard to find a watch of this quality for under one hundred dollars, but Invicta has made one. If you enjoy beauty, precision, and utility in one package, Invicta’s Men’s 8928 Pro Diver Collection Watch might be the one for you.