TAG Heuer WAF1412.BA0823
TAG Heuer WAF1412.BA0823

When you think about all of the current techno-devices available to let you know the current time  (tablets, touchpads, all of the smart phones and cell phones which are available, even personal computers), you have to wonder why anyone would still wear a watch, particularly a nice one.

Watches are not just for telling the current date/time, they are also used as jewelry, to adorn the wrist; or, as a status symbol, confirming that the person wearing the watch is a member of a very special club (usually a higher social or financial status).The first watches known for their outstanding quality of manufacturing were crafted by the Swiss.  Not only were these watches valued for their accuracy, but their beauty as well.  Having been designed by some of the world’s most talented artisans and jewelers, the Swiss watch quickly became a world favorite, especially among the elite.  For almost 200 years, the world’s watch makers measured their own time pieces against Swiss watches, as they were considered the industry standard.

The 1970’s, however, saw the “discovery” of the quartz crystal.  The accuracy and low expense of this natural resource made it possible to mass produce time pieces which were more accurate than any other time piece in history.  Many Asian countries quickly took advantage of this new technology and brands such as Seiko or Alba became so popular, that they easily eclipsed all other watch manufacturers, including the Swiss.  While these time pieces were accurate, and for a time very popular, they were considered trendy.

A watch is not simply a time piece,especially for women;it is appreciated for itsaesthetic appeal and unique style.  Unlike the trendy watches which showed up during the time Ronald Reagan occupied the Whitehouse, sophistication and beauty have surpassed trendiness and today, Swiss watches for women are more popular than ever.

Many available styles of Swiss watches for women incorporate precious and semi-precious gems, metals, and sometimes even a famous designer’s influence.  Because many are worn by celebrities and fashion models, Swiss watches may become more desirable than their plainer counterparts.

Not to exclude anyone from owning a Swiss watch (due to lack of funds or availability)these time pieces have become available in a wide range of prices and retail sources.  In recent years, many Swiss watch companies, due to changing copyright and licensing regulation, have made their products available by allowing them to be manufactured (outsourced) in other countries.  This mass production of Swiss watches for women has not in any way decreased their accuracy, value, or fashion quality.  In fact, more styles have been conceived, while keeping the traditional quality (and feel) of the characteristics which make a Swiss watch, a Swiss watch.

Swiss watches for women have never been more available, or more popular; they not only grace the arm of the wearer, but reflect the woman’s good taste.