Founded in Switzerland in 1983, Swatch has been a popular and internationally-recognizable brand for almost thirty years. The company’s product line has evolved significantly since its early days of offering children, young adults and the generally young-at-heart a wide selection of brightly colored plastic watches. Today, one of the brand’s most popular watches is the sleek and sophisticated Swatch Full Blooded Unisex Watch.

The Swatch Full Blooded Unisex Watch SVCK4032G is made of scratch-resistant plastic, with an aluminum casing. The watch’s octagonal face, dials and bracelet are all gold-colored. The Swatch SVCK4032G also features glow-in-the-dark hands to facilitate readability in any light. The watch is a chronograph, which means it has three sub-dials which display the passage of sixty minutes, sixty seconds and one-tenth of a second. The Swatch SVCK4032G is battery powered, with quartz movement, and has a case measuring forty-two milimeters in diamater. The watch is water resistant up to thirty meters, or one-hundred feet.

The Swatch SVCK4032G consistently receives high consumer ratings. The watch is favored for its chunky style, its versatility as a perfect accessory for both casual and formal occasions, and its durability. The fact that this is a unisex watch makes it not only a great personalized gift, but appropriate for corporate gifts and give-aways, as well. Add to this the company’s long-standing tradition of excellence in value, craftmanship and design, and there’s no way one can go wrong in purchasing the  SVCK4032G.